My first blog post – OK here goes!

Unlike most of the blogs that I’ve read, I really don’t have that much to say today. However, I have to start somewhere so here goes!

I know I should really have posted something at the weekend (Sunday), particularly as my parents were here to stay (from France), it was my aunt’s 80th birthday celebration with members of my father’s family that I haven’t seen for over 20+ years / ever and we all went out for a special (i.e. expensive and not terribly good) lunch. Unfortunately though, I haven’t been feeling terribly good lately and the day ended with me being unable to climb our stairs (I won’t admit how Kevin and I managed it) and all I wanted to do was go to bed and wake up feeling much better! Result: no energy or enthusiasm to do my first post.

However, over the past few days things have started to return to normal (at least my normal) and now –  Wednesday everything has been pretty much as expected really:

  1. I woke up at about  8.00 a.m., took my various medications and then read for a few hours, whilst my limbs gradually relaxed.
  2. I went to the gym to do basic yoga (whilst Kevin helped me / did some complex origami with my limbs!)
  3. We went shopping for food.
  4. I climbed the stairs and walked to my office using my 4-wheel rollater – PROGRESS!
  5. Then I just did my usual admin. activities – checked e-mail, Twitter, Facebook & spoke to the Occupational Therapist on the phone.
  6. Ate lots of fruit and a lovely dinner (courtesy of top chef Kevin).
  7. Did a good spell of ‘Brain Training’ and now I’m off to bed for final exercises and a well earned rest.

OK, I know this post is boring – but at least I’ve started! My next one will be much better / more interesting. Goodnight.

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