30-year school reunion

Maybe, my last blog post was a little over-optimistic! Less of a ‘flurry’ and more of a ‘trickle’ of blog posts can be expected over the next few days to catch up on my recent(ish) activities.

First: On 23rd August 2015, after several months of message exchanges on Facebook, I met up with a few friends from my old secondary school. As the majority still live/visit Dartford (the area where I attended secondary school) we agreed to meet up in the vicinity. Because I largely use a wheelchair to get around outside and because I’ve never visited before, I suggested that we meet at the Bluewater shopping centre. This involved Kevin & I traversing the southern half of the M25 and the M4 towards London, so I suggested the best time to meet was on a Sunday. One of my old friends, Elaine Gladwell (who lives close to Bluewater) sent me information about shop mobility and made a recce of the venue prior to our visit and another friend Tracy Quarrington(-Page) also sent me a map and details of the shopping centre, including hand annotated footprints just to make sure we didn’t get lost on our way from the car park. Thank you to them both.

Having asked Elaine to try and organise  a clear run on the M4 and M25  (after all she seems pretty  good at  organising everything else!), we set off  for Bluewater at 9.30 a.m.  with fingers crossed for a clear run.  She did it!  We had a remarkably clear journey and arrived at Bluewater  at 11.30 a.m.  just in time to have a quick mosey around  before we were due to meet at 12.00.  It was really great to meet up with everyone after all these years and we all agreed that we should try and do it again, but probably not wait  another 30 years this time! I even have photos to prove we did it!  – courtesy of Tracy’s Facebook page.

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