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Medical appointments: one after another… and still the blasted foot swells and hurts!

OK, now this is going to be a very short post because I seem to have done lots of boring medical things in a short space of time – AND then I went to the Cheltenham Literature Festival (next post) and then on holiday in Brittany to celebrate my mother’s 75th birthday (post after next post), which are much more interesting tales!

  • 24 September – GP appointment (at 7.10 p.m.) about the blasted foot
  • 25 September – x-ray appointment at the local hospital to x-ray the blasted foot
  • 28 September – continence nurse appointment at a local clinic I’ve never visited before
  • 29 September – ophthalmology appointment at the local hospital about my wandering left eye
  • 02 October –  last physiotherapy appointment with Stacey, who is moving on to pastures new (closer to her home).
  • Next physiotherapy appointment (21 October) with new lady called Emma

… and now you have to wait (just like me) for the couple of fun bits mentioned above … and maybe after that, I’ll continue to try and sort out all the stupid medical issues.

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