… or so my recollection went. (Unless you’re a leap year baby I suppose, when it probably is – quite rightly – quite a momentous occasion.)

However, apart from the on-line tutorials (me) and dentist (Kevin) already mentioned previously, upon reviewing my calendar for this period I realised that this month also represented the start of our really determined search for a new house, partly driven by the fact that there seemed to be a sudden surge of new properties coming onto the market. So I guess my summation of February as when “nothing special” happened is probably a little unfair. In fact, it marked the start of a flurry of activity on the house front and it really seemed as if we might manage to move well before Christmas 2016 and hence could resume our alternate location (France / England) for Christmas each year. On a positive note: we might even be able to have bought a new house in time for our birthday at the end of May!

Our first viewing was a Victorian house just around the corner from us, which was at the top of our price bracket, was not perfect (yet), but had planning permission for a basement extension which meant that it could have worked for us in the long term – as long as we could find the money from somewhere (difficult, as we neither do the lottery, other gambling or have a distant relative with lots of money stashed away somewhere).

Our second viewing (29 February) was another house just around the corner, which lay well within our price bracket, but again would require substantial work. It was a more modern house than I would usually consider, but did have the potential for some interesting modifications. Note: after 5+ years of looking I am at least starting to try and have a broader outlook of the various possibilities! We are getting a bit desperate now.

Our third viewing had real potential and took us back to the area in Old Town, Swindon where we had looked at houses when we first came to Swindon some 20+ years ago. However the more observant probably have guessed that this third viewing could not have taken place in February and you’re right – it took place on 01 March and on that note I will leave the details until my next post.

As they say on the TV, … to be continued.

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