12 March 2016 – Disabled Access Day

OK, so despite my last post you are still going to have to wait for the ‘continued’ saga of our house hunting – there’s lots going on regarding the house move at the moment, but nothing conclusive to report as yet.

I have something much more interesting/fun to write a post about tho’ and this one will have photos attached – so something colourful to break up all the text.

We took part in the ‘Disabled Access Day’ (again) just over a month ago and believe me going out and about in March is vastly superior to a freezing cold day in February (see my post for the same event last year, which also includes photos but in them I look absolutely frozen – I was!) … Whoops, just looked back through my earlier posts and realised that I hadn’t started this blog in February last year. So, just for comparison, here are a couple of photos from ‘Disabled Access Day’ in February 2015 – me ‘freezing’ and needed coffee & cake in the warm & dry.

This year, I managed to obtain special, pre-opening tickets for ‘the Magic Garden’ at Hampton Court Palace in London. I was so pleased because I really had no ideas or inspiration for somewhere different to visit. True, we were visiting West London (which I have avoided like the plague for many years now – after working & living there when I was in my 20’s), but the weather was sunny and warm, we managed to leave the house about 10-10.30 a.m. and the traffic on the M4 was surprisingly good. What I had failed to take into account was that this was also the day that England were playing Wales in the rugby six Nations cup at Twickenham. Now this shouldn’t have been a problem except that we were travelling from Swindon to Hampton Court Palace (not too far from Twickenham) along the M4, which is the route that most Welsh supporters would also be following!

‘The Magic Garden’

Anyway, as luck would have it we didn’t meet too much traffic on the M4 and the weather was lovely. We had a great day out in the sunshine watching all the children playing in ‘the Magic Garden’, including some impressive tumbling routines from a couple of girls in the Astroturf bowl at the centre of the gardens. I had to admit that I was slightly disappointed by the ‘fire-breathing dragon’, who didn’t really breath any fire at all and just puffed out the occasional whiff of water vapour – still, as Kevin pointed out with all the children climbing on the Dragon they could hardly have it breathing real fire!

To conclude, here are some colourful photos!

On top of the world?
No, I won’t fit down the tube, with or without wheelchair!
A ‘dead’ (no fire!) dragon in the distance
The wobbly bridge + dragon (background)
Pensive – watching ‘tumbling’ preparation
Resigned  – could never do gymnastics anyway

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