I know I was going to do a post about our potential house move (… to be continued) – that’s right, the house we viewed on 1st March 2016. We made an offer the same week, had it accepted the next week and started looking at conveyancers. At this point, we were informed about the detrimental aspects of the SDLT proposal due in the forthcoming budget and so we had to make some quick adjustments to our thinking/funding position. Come April, we’d appointed a solicitor for the conveyancing, a surveyor to carry out a full structural survey and spoken to a financial specialist about the best way to raise a short-term loan to fund the Chancellor’s SDLT ‘hit’ announced in the 2016 budget. Everything seemed to be moving very fast and at one point I was even hoping that we may manage to have our birthday meal at the end of May in said new property. Needless to say, towards the end of April it became clear that things were becoming ‘bogged down’ and now it seems that I will have to wait a little longer for the promised ‘… to be continued’ post. As you can imagine, we are now halfway through May, my birthday aspirations are out of the window and I’ve been feeling a little bit low.

However, in a feeble attempt to keep my blogging more regular, I’ve decided to treat you to a post about my cat – “Tramp”. He’s a lovely cat really and the name no longer suits him, so as he’s got older (and now he’s an old boy – 19?) we’ve tried to make his name a little posher by occasionally referring to him as “Trampus”, but the fact remains that even though he is now a smart (if a little grizzled) cat – when we first adopted him as a stray he had no fur on his tummy, smelt a little bit and was very timid. At that time, “Tramp” seemed an eminently suitable name, but now he has survived this long and cleaned himself up a lot maybe the name is a little cruel. Our neighbours have always called him “Blackie the cat”, which now seems fairer and alludes to the fact that he is a black cat. Unexpectedly, as he has got older a few grey/white hairs have randomly appeared throughout his coat and he is a little less black than he appears in the accompanying photo – However, I thought it best to show him ‘in his prime’. Also, he hasn’t worn a collar for many years now, as it seemed to irritate his skin.



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