WE’RE MOVING ! (Hopefully ?!?)

OK, I can wait no longer – think back to 1st March 2016 and my comment at the end of my February 2016 post … to be continued … Well we can do no more, so here’s the update and it’s now “fingers crossed”.

On Tuesday, 1st March 2016 we went to view the pictured house and before  the end of the week we’d put in an ‘offer’, which was accepted the following week. And now the fun really starts (after 5+ years of house hunting)!

  1. Find a solicitor to carry out the conveyancing (mid-March) only to be asked if we were selling a house at the same time to which I replied: “No, because I use a wheelchair and we have to live in our existing house until a wheelchair lift is installed in the new house”. BOMBSHELL WARNING from conveyancer that in the forthcoming 2016 budget, we did realise that if we owned 2 houses after 1st April 2016, we’d have to pay SDLT (enhanced – double – the stamp duty) on our forthcoming purchase! Thank you Mr. Osborne, even after over 5 years of saving, we don’t have enough money to cover that too. ARRGH!
  2. Cue mad search for more money – Wealthy as yet unknown relative? No. Lottery? No. Premium Bonds? You must be kidding! Loan of some sort? OK, short-term bridging loan then.
  3. Find a surveyor to do a complete survey. Tick.
  4. Lots of signing of paperwork for loan, conveyancer etc. Tick.
  5. Finally, at the end of May we signed the sales contract for the conveyancer and transferred over the required money for the deposit.Now the wait for the “Exchange of Contract” & “Completion” dates to be worked out by the conveyancers.

The vendor’s had already told us that “Completion” couldn’t take place until towards the end of June because they have a daughter sitting her A levels. We didn’t see this as a disadvantage, because we had to have a wheelchair lift installed (6-8 weeks lead time) before we could move in anyway. The vendor’s agreed that we could visit the house on 2nd June  with someone from our chosen lift installation company to survey, measure up and discuss recommendations before supplying a quote. Still no “Exchange of Contract” & “Completion” dates agreed yet, because vendor just has a couple of issues to sort out before “Exchange of Contracts” can take place. I hope the name of the new house is a good omen! – Providence House.

Now, we had to put selling our house in motion. The estate agent came round on 26 May to do the valuation and measure up for the house details and we agreed that it was best to wait until after end of May Bank Holiday before the house details went ‘live’ on-line etc. and this allowed us (Kevin mainly) some time to do major clear-out – charity shop visit, recycling and general tidying round. We woke on Thursday (2nd June) to the sound of a ‘For Sale’ board being erected.


We also agreed that it would be better if we were ‘out of the house’ whilst viewings were taking place and this was good timing as we’d be in Cheltenham every day for the Science Festival week commencing 6 June. GREAT PLAN (or so we thought), but then the estate agent rang on 2 different occasions to ask if we could accommodate 2 viewings on Friday afternoon! We got out of the house by 3pm (car packed with yet more recycling), went to Waitrose for drinks/snacks/shopping and didn’t return home until after 5pm. PHEW!!

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