I know that I was meaning to right posts on my blog more regularly, but I’d forgotten just how much disruption is caused by moving house (we hadn’t moved for over 20 years!). Anyway, despite the months of silence our lift was finally installed in the new house on 1st/2nd of September and since then we have been staying in the new house. HOORAY !!

At first we were staying in our guest bedroom, because that is the one that Kevin had managed to paint and transfer all the furniture over in our car. It’s still the only room which is largely clear of “stuff”. Actually, that was true initially but as we have gradually moved things around to furnish all the rooms, the “stuff” has migrated to almost every room, despite getting rid of loads and loads to charity shops, the tip and in Recycling. Looking back at my calendar, we really have done quite a lot in the intervening months, although there always seems to be more stuff to do! Please excuse the list, but it’s just too much to go into in detail.

  • 08 September – Paul from Johnson Gardening Services spent a very productive day pruning all the bushes in our garden and trimming back the ivy growing up the front of the house
  • 09  September – Swintech (man with a van) helped move the final items including the fridge freezer out of our old house – GREAT !
  • 12 September – Completed on the sale of our old house

Just to prove that I was doing something – throughout this period I was sending out ‘change of address’ emails to friends, family, Council & utility providers and also to the various organisations with whom I work on business matters.

  •  30 September – G2S fitted the new UPVC door with cat flap. Cat happy-ish (once strong solvent smell had dissipated) and both cat and owners very pleased that the litter tray is no longer required.
Cat & Debra chillin’ on sofa
  • 10 to the 15 October – mum and dad visited our new house, dad proudly bearing the outdoor box he has made to receive items which don’t fit through the letter box and would normally be left in our now non-existing porch. This was the cue for Kevin to order and fit the wooden flooring in our bedroom, ready to receive our bed (so that we could vacate the guest bedroom). A couple of extra mobile hands really made the difference and lots of jobs got completed in short time – ending with a trip to IKEA to buy wardrobe units for our bedroom, which my dad helped Kevin to erect. Unfortunately, the only items left in boxes were the sliding doors, which Kevin put together after my mum and dad had left and apparently were very complex to construct – comprising 28 separate pieces!
  • 25 October – was a really good day, because we had the central heating surveyed and because we received the cheque from HMRC returning the excess stamp duty (SDLT) that we had had to pay for owning 2 houses whilst we waited for the lift to be installed.

Now I like everyone else seem to have been sick with a cold just before the weekend and thus spent a few days completely off-kilter and out of time over Thursday, Friday and Saturday with most of my time spent asleep in bed until late in the evening. However, come Sunday I was feeling much better (although still a little sniffily) and …

  • 30 October (today) – Kevin and I have had great fun looking through the myriads of clothes we had stored in cardboard wardrobes. I just can’t believe how many suits etc. that I own, some of which still are perfectly new with the labels, which we will probably sell on eBay and some of which I had completely forgotten I ever owned!

Sorry there are very few (i.e. only one) photos in this post, but as I said at the beginning everything still is in disarray and it seems unfair to post lots of random photos of the mess right now. My post next month should contain photos of a neat, tidy and uncluttered house (one can but dream) and I’ll even include some pictures of the lift which is great!

Now off to eat some Sunday dinner and then watch the video of the latest Star Wars film, which I received as part of my birthday present at the end of May.

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