NEW CAT? – The house passed inspection via photographic evidence

I know it’s not long since the death of Tramp, but I have had a cat (3 cats in fact) ever since I left home and the space left by Tramp had more of an effect than I could have imagined. I kept looking under the radiator in my office every time I went to bed expecting to see him lying there and in the mornings I also kept hearing tapping claws traversing our wooden floor … So we started searching online for various websites offering adoption for cats. We found the RSPCA Cats and dogs home in Bath, who were willing to assess the suitability of our house via photographic evidence and they seemed to have lots of cats available for “rehoming”.

STAGE 1: The house inspection. (Kevin took the photos and this gave me an ideal opportunity to actually include photos of the inside of our house, which I think I promised ages ago. So here goes …)

The commentary was provided by Kevin …

We live in a converted stone chapel, with two large rooms downstairs. The first is a kitchen/family room. For our previous cat we set up his cat food out of the way in the quiet corner by the stairs:


The other downstairs room is a living room/dining room. There is a door at the side of the front with a cat flap out onto the garden, though initially we’d leave that closed until the cat settled, and place a litter tray there instead:
Upstairs: landing with large floor level window – good spot for a cat to watch the neighbourhood cats out the back !
Our master bedroom and guest bedroom, with large low-level window … the front is south-facing, so the window sill used to be a popular place for Tramp to curl up and sun bathe whilst watching the world go by. Nice life, being a cat !
So, what about a cat? Yes, we did get one – a 5 day wonder but more about that in my next post.

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