2018 moving on to 2019

Now, I know that I am really awful at keeping a record of what’s happening (as I’ve said before), but this is just too bad! OK, I’m going to try and reconstruct the intervening 6+ months in date order and in several posts, but I can’t swear that it will be completely accurate as I am having to use my computer calendar to remind myself of what has been going on. Where there is something which deserves a more detailed discussion, I will try and include a separate post about that particular occurrence.

I will start (in my next post) with my first ‘detailed’ write-up of Christmas 2018 moving (literally) to New Year 2019.

Now to the more mundane part of this post (gleaned predominantly from my computer calendar & looking at my online ‘exercise’ spreadsheet). That last phrase has made me realise that you probably don’t know that I love to record lots of things in a spreadsheet, containing everything from the fruit and vegetables that I’ve eaten each day, my daily physio exercises, the exercises that I complete in the gym at my local MS Therapy Centre & a record of my performance at home, on my assisted exercise bike. Mad, I hear you cry, but that’s just me and seemingly I am much more disciplined at maintaining my spreadsheet records, which I started in around 2009/2010, than I am at maintaining a diary or blog.

As this bit is rather ‘boring’, I have no pictures and hence very little detail, I am afraid that I will now revert to another of my pet preferences – a bulleted list:

  • I completed the “wheelchair driving test” in the monstrosity that is my huge, personalised & very complicated electric wheelchair. I kid you not, I actually had to take the wheelchair outside (with my allocated wheelchair OT & the technical guy making all the adjustments as necessary), drive it down my street, do the Green Cross code at the drop curb and then cross the road when safe to do so – not difficult in my case as most of the street is one way, there are virtually no cars and people often just walk down the centre of the street – then turn around through 360° and make the return crossing to the drop curb before driving back to my house and returning back inside.
  • We had a quick visit from my parents before their trip down to various English friends + a few days stay upon their return in readiness for their trip back to France via Portsmouth.
  • I did a few webinars, just keep my CPD for work up to date, drafted and filed a few GB patent applications & did the necessary paperwork including finance.
  • Finally, I had some massage sessions at the aforementioned MS Therapy Centre & my hair cut / fingernails polished in readiness for Christmas.

There, I told you it was pretty mundane and so a bulleted list was quite sufficient! (For anyone interested and following on from my last post: in November 2018 I actively cycled 195 km & in December 2018 I actively cycled 205 km – made up of cycling about 30 mins to 1 hour every day).

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