2019 – Return to Blighty

So, having arrived back from France and unpacked the car, Kevin spent the next couple of days dismantling and taking down all the Christmas decorations (closely supervised by Charlie – of course).

Charlie the supervisor / manager


“I am not sleeping on the job – this is hard work!”


We spent the next couple of weeks just catching up with all the usual, run-of-the-mill activities – Yoga & Gym at the local MS Therapy Centre, Hair cut and gel nail polish removed (much to my relief, as my fingernails are literally as “tough as nails” and were starting to dig into my hands every time I made a fist).

I had my first visit of 2019 to our house, from a potential inventor – as usual, he was very enthusiastic about his idea but unfortunately it was not something with which I could help him obtain useful Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). However, we did have a very pleasant chat about his concept, what Intellectual Property (IP) would be generated automatically and what (if he ever decided to do anything more in the future) he might like to think about regarding how to obtain any IPR, whether it would be useful for him or whether he just preferred to ‘tinker’ with ideas that were of benefit to him and him alone in carrying out his work / odd jobs. Still, it eased me back into thinking about work and what I needed to catch up on.

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