The bathroom – So now the rebuilding work can start …

WEEK 2, (28 Jan 2019) first day’s work – building a new wall over the previous approximation of a wall, squaring everything up so the wet-room former fits flush. We’ve also got the partition in place for the shower. The wall has had to be built out into the room as the structural beam from below protrudes up above floor level in the bathroom – previously this was hidden under the bath and shower tray, but this won’t work with a one piece sealed floor:
Wood skeleton for the NEW walls
Green moisture resistant plasterboard waiting to form the NEW walls

As this might be the last update for a while (as will become apparent at the end of this post), and as today has further continued our adventures in Bongo-bodge land, then here goes …

Two plumbers here most of today (three at one point). The plan was to plasterboard out the walls and level the floor up with plywood. Well parts of that went to plan – we’ve now got several walls boarded out in fetching/retching green moisture resistant plasterboard.
Walls for the new shower unit
… but then there’s the wall behind the old sink …
The plan was to remove the original plasterboard from that wall and add a reinforcing panel to support the cantilevered sink. However taken the skin off revealed two more entries in our Bodging Hall of Shame:
1) The “insulation” inside the wall consisted of green carpet tiles and what looks like old pillow or cushions – novel !
2) The wall itself was floating and not actually attached to anything at the base – you could move the wall with a gentle push. Rather than sitting on top of the wall and lintel between the living room and the kitchen downstairs, it actually sat directly on the joists in the living room without being attached to them. The wall was being held in place by the sink unit and work surface, rather than vice versa. As our plumber described it, this was just “total dogshit”.
So they’ve had to box out this wall as well, at least the lower section. This isn’t too bad in that it hides the pipework and provides a useful ledge in the alcove where the sink is going, but it does mean the bathroom continues to shrink as the new walls move inwards to hold up the old ones …
Boxed out area for the new sink – So the wall supports the sink & not vice versa

And then it started to snow. So far we’ve only had the the lightest of dusting, but if it does snow more overnight as forecast then I doubt we’ll see our plumber tomorrow given he lives up in Wanborough. Fortunately perhaps he’s got a bit more time to get the first fix finished, as the tiling contractors, who were originally scheduled to come in yesterday, and were then moved to Thursday because the plumber wasn’t ready for them, have now postponed this job till next week, as they’re running late on another job.

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