Some random ‘things’ that have also been going on …

Prospect Place Conservation Area Trust – Meeting (Wednesday, 23 January 2019)

Unfortunately, I (Debra) could not attend this meeting because it was in a local church, which was not accessible for my wheelchair. However, from Kevin’s report it sounded like an interesting meeting with some ‘wacky’ ideas, which will probably come to nothing but sounded fun anyway. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • How do people know that the “Prospect Place Conservation Area” even exists?
    We’ve had a lot of builders in recently as we adapt our house for Debra’s wheelchair, and when they found us the reaction is – almost universally – “wow, I didn’t know any of this existed”.
    What can we do to signpost the area, both for locals, visitors and those just passing through, to indicate that “hey, this is somewhere special – treat it as such” ?
    It was mentioned that Lansdown Road (opposite us) has a 20 mph limit, but what has always struck me about that is not the limit itself, but the signage. The signs don’t just show the speed limit but are also marked with the name of the zone (“Lansdown”, not “Lansdown Rd”, as if this is an area or zone in its own right). Regardless of whether a 20 mph speed limit can be obtained (or is even necessary), I wonder whether signs could also show and demarcate the boundaries of the conservation area, advertising its existence to anyone passing through.
    Looking further forward, beyond just signposting the area, I wonder if information boards explaining a bit more about the area might be a worthwhile subject for a grant request ? If permission were granted, the eastern end of stone wall marking the old Affleck works (by the double yellow lines – just opposite our house) seems like a reasonable candidate location for such information, particularly – as Kevin learned last night, that it marks one of the entries into the conservation area.
  • Moving onto online awareness, you mentioned that you were looking at setting up a web site for the CAT. But a web site needs a decent domain name … a quick check says that is available (as are a wide variety of similar domains). I’m (Kevin) more than happy to assist if you need any help here in registering the domain name you choose. Once you’ve got a domain name, you need some services to back it up. Both Google and Microsoft Office 365 have free offerings for charities, but Google’s is more extensive, and as you are already using gmail for the current CAT email, it would also be familiar. Google For Non-Profits offer the full Google suite (so Gmail, Calendar, Drive and so on, but all branded with your own domain name, rather than just including Google Sites, which offers an easy way to get a rudimentary web site up quickly as a starter. Google Maps would be an easy and obvious way to present information about the area. Google also offer more esoteric services for non-profits, including free Google AdWords advertising (complete with click-thru revenue if anyone actually clicks on the advert, although that would be negligible). Again, I’m (Kevin) happy to offer assistance here if needed.

  • That leaves social media – It would be nice if any Facebook Groups could be gatewayed to somewhere external to Facebook for those who don’t use Facebook, but Facebook don’t exactly make that easy.

  • We (Debra & Kevin) loved Stuart’s suggestion of bringing back the original name of “New Providence Row” for the eastern end of South Street – it would certainly make our postal address sound more impressive ! However I suspect it’s also impractical and possibly disruptive as changes to the PAF (the official postal database) propagate out to all its different users.

Not your average toilet …

Oh, just look at all those wires and bits:

Side view of new toilet
Rear view of new toilet

Not going on the wall yet – I think that’s for the final fix – but out so we can agree what height to set it at, and so the plumber can get the waste, pipes and electrics in the right place. I “love” the fact that the toilet controller appears to have a diagnostics port, so you can plug a laptop into your loo to see what’s going on !

Also pleased to see it comes with the clear plastic splash plate Geberit use when demonstrating the loo – that means we can test and run cleaning solution through the spray bar without jetwashing the ceiling.

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