… Back to the ‘new’ bathroom … Next the tiling gets done …

First fit finished by the plumbers, tilers due tomorrow (Tuesday, 05 February 2019) at about 7.15 a.m., because apparently they prefer to get started early so that they can leave early too. Apparently, they have been known to arrive to jobs at 6.45 a.m., but helpfully, our plumbers had warned them not to arrive until after 7 a.m. so that Kevin had a chance to get up before their arrival and that then I (Debra) may still have to disturb them to pass across the corridor from our bedroom to my office.

Floor in and raised – a millimetre or two lower than Kevin would have liked, but have to work with the thicknesses of the boards available (plus when we had the landing levelled the carpenter deliberately inserted a separate removable strip by the doorway precisely so we could adjust for any slight differences in the level of the bathroom and landing).

So the tilers arrived to schedule and rang the doorbell at 7.15 a.m. to be let in by Kevin (apparently they had arrived before 7 a.m., but as instructed they had sat in their van outside, listening to music). In fact, the radio remained on all of the time that they were working. As expected, they left early having completed most of to walls and promising to return to finish the rest at about the same time the next day.

Shower area with former for shower base
Sink area ready for sink
Window including waste outlet for toilet

Next we come to the non-slip safety flooring, which led to a problem with the contractor chosen to fit the specialist safety flooring. Kevin’s thoughts / discussion with the plumbers on how to resolve the problems with the AKW wetroom former and drain cover – as AKW had been no help whatsoever!

Kevin – The best options are either to improvise and work with the bits we’ve already got – if Step Floors are happy with that – or to replace the former. The gulley cover AKW supplied comes in three parts – a frame that bolts down into the former and is meant to go under tiles, a surround that is meant to be cemented on top, and a drop in drain cover. Obviously the surround is useless with a safety floor, but I wonder whether we can use the supplied frame, still bolted into the former, but on top of the vinyl floor to clamp it down. Step Floors weren’t happy with this idea initially, because the frame is cut away in the extreme corners, meaning the vinyl would only be clamped along the sides, with a gap for water to leak through in the corners. However, what is the issue here – if it leaks in the corners the water is only going to go into the gully anyway, which is the whole point of a drain! I guess the issue is whether the water could get back up under the vinyl in the corners. We’d also need to file off the edges on the frame as they are square, sharp and not meant to be exposed, but that’s a minor issue. I guess it all comes down to whether Step Floors are happy with this.

Plumber – That was my thought too. How can we make the existing tray work? I had already phoned step floors and requested their fitter to call me to see want he would be happy to lay on that works for all parties.

Current plan – both us and the plumbers, so we’re both on the same wavelength – is to collectively beat up on the flooring contractors and tell them to stop being wusses and improvise with the bits we’ve got.
Arranged on Tuesday, 12 February that the floor would be done Wednesday (13 February) afternoon. Instead, we got a call very early Wednesday morning asking if they could come in first thing to do some prep work. Supposed to be just 30 minutes – instead took 2 hours to lay a very fine screed to cover up all the screws in the floor. Impressed that the guy could trowel on such a wafer thin layer of cement. Main floorers followed shortly after to radius the corners, lay the floor and weld the joints. All done in about 4 hours. Looks good!
Shower area & that pesky drain!
Specialist non-slip flooring done.

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