New bathroom – Kevin + Plumbers for the “Final Final Fix” … (Version 2)

Now this will just be a very quick post giving an update on the rebuilding of the sink wall and replacement of the sink to a smaller, less intrusive sink.

At first, Kevin decided that his job for the weekend was to make good and paint the ceiling and replace all the lights with proper IP65 sealed LED units that are safe and legal to use in the shower.

Sink area, low shelf (version 2)
Sink area shelf (version 1)

OK, so once the lighting etc. had been finished, Kevin was in the mood for some ‘demolition DIY’ himself and so he spent the next couple of days carefully removing the tiles in the sink area (saving as many as possible), deconstructing the high shelf and rebuilding everything to form a much lower shelf.


Version 2: The wall behind the sink has been taken down and rebuilt so that it is ready to call the tilers in for a second time to re-tile the modified wall. Once the tiling is redone, the height adjustment mechanism and sink need to be remounted on the ‘new’ wall.


Kevin had identified a replacement for the Pressalit sink – the Roper Rhodes Breathe 610. The basic requirements being a shallow front edge suitable for a wheelchair, wall-mounted, roughly 600mm wide and ideally about 400mm deep (the Breathe 610 is 430 deep, which is 60mm shallower than the Pressalit).

We were nearing completion (at last) … just a couple of final small jobs were required from the plumbers.
  1.  Replacing the heater element for the towel rail in the bathroom (it blew the moment Matt wired it up).
  2.  Better securing the Geberit toilet to the wall/floor.
The plumbers had sourced a new flexible waste that is connected at both ends & Matt had a 600W element ready to change.

05 March 2019 – FINISHED …



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