All that Jazz …

As I am still trying to catch up on all that’s happened to date, I will miss April 2019 in its entirety – I can’t remember back that far and my calendar doesn’t have anything interesting to note. So, let’s roll on May 2019 …

The first thing of note is that as usual, we attended lots of concerts at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival. I know that we really enjoyed it and my calendar lists all the events that we attended (including Soweto Kinch, Abdullah Ibrahim, a double piano act with Nicki Yeoh & Zoe Rahman and Omar Sosa amongst others), but we have no pictures and I have to be honest and admit that I cannot remember the details – except that it was GREAT!

We voted in the European Elections & I saw my MS nurse for my usual six monthly review.

… And then, at the end of May, we went to visit my parents in France for our birthdays (30th May) and to attend “Jazz sous les pommiers“, which just happened to coincide with our birthdays this year. Having looked through their brochure, we couldn’t find anything that particularly inspired, except for 2 concerts that just happened to be scheduled for the early afternoon and evening of 30 May 2019. Both concerts I would categorise more as ‘world music’ than Jazz, particularly the first one – “Le mystère des voix bulgares (Bulgarie)“. This was a real treat, because I had first heard the group many years previously (although their composition has obviously changed over the years).

Le mystère des voix Bulgares (Bulgarie)
Young soloist in beautiful national dress
2 singers linking arms & more national dress

The singing was impressive and as I remembered. It was lovely to see a group obviously enjoying singing together, smiling, glancing at each other and holding hands / linking arms. A truly wonderful experience.

After a drink in the sunshine (augmented by some chips bought by my mother from an adjacent stall), we went for a wheel / walk around Coutances to see what other free events were taking place. Finally, we set off to look for a restaurant that was serving food (dinner) a bit early i.e. about 6 p.m., so that we would be ready for our evening event with Rabih Abou Khalil and his group in the theatre at 7:15 p.m.. This was closer to Jazz, although the musicians came from all over the world (Libya, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and the USA).


We had all thoroughly enjoyed our day out & Kevin and I had a great birthday and came away with two T-shirts to mark the occasion! Now all that was left was for Kevin to drive the one-hour or so journey back to my parent’s house.

We stayed with my parents until 4th June (to try and avoid the forthcoming celebrations scheduled for 6th June to celebrate 75 years since the Normandy landings during the Second World War). I should explain that we were due to catch the ferry from Caen – Portsmouth and as Caen and its environs were of significant importance, we knew that there would be a lot of traffic (even including parades with tanks!)

Display in the main area of the Ferry: Mont St Michel

As usual, our cat Charlie had been royally looked after by his regular visitors from ‘Home Loving Cats’, who had even provided a new and extremely enjoyable toy!


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