Multiple Sclerosis

So much going on and so little time (impetus) to write about it!

OK, I know – when you’re doing lots of stuff you should be constantly blogging about it, right? WRONG! I’ve never been very good at keeping a diary and here’s why. When things are happening (good or bad), I get so engrossed in them I don’t have time (can’t be bothered) to write about them. So now you’re going to get a flurry of blog posts about what’s been going on over the last few weeks, in chronological order and each separate, so that I can add some photos etc.

(Note: I’m not sufficiently adept with this system to cover them all in one post – please bear with me! – OK, I think I’ve figured it out, but I’m still going to do separate posts to help with later identification – I love to ‘organise’ things in lots of separate boxes / folders etc.)

And the generic photo for this post? (I’ll explain later, when I want to post something, but have nothing to write about!)

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For the last couple of months I’ve been noticing problems with my eyesight. Not that it’s getting worse as such, except when I’m trying to look at things with both eyes. It’s not that my prescription has changed, it’s just that when I’m tired or the light is beginning to fade, I notice that it’s harder to read things such as number plates and/or road signs from a distance. If I close one eye, my vision from the other (with glasses) is fine, but with both eyes open my vision is definitely worse – my eyes just don’t seem to want to work together. Back at the beginning of July, I made an appointment with my usual optician to see if he could notice anything or whether I was just imagining it! After a very thorough examination of both my eyes, individually and together, he made the surprising announcement that my left eye was just not working with my right eye. Cover the right eye and hey presto, the left will pull itself together and gets into focus! After I got home I looked in the mirror and sure enough, whilst my right eye was looking straight ahead, my left eye had just drifted off into the corner. The optician was able to correct this using what he described as prisms, but he concluded that he needed to write to my GP and ask him to refer me to the ophthalmology department at the hospital for a check-up. Within a few days, my GP sent me a letter authorising me to book a suitable appointment at any one of a number of listed hospitals – so far so good! Then the fun began: Now I’m usually quite confident using IT systems and in this case my GP’s letter said that I could book my eye appointment via the Internet, which I did over the weekend. The IT booking system was not perfect (they never are), but I did eventually manage to book myself an afternoon appointment at the beginning of September – the earliest available. At the beginning of this week I received two letters, the first cancelling my preferred appointment and the second providing a new appointment at the end of September, in the morning. After speaking to the contact provided in the second appointment letter, it was apparent that the investigations needed to be carried out at my local hospital (so much for the initial choice) and the only appointments they had where 9.30am or 10.00am at the end of September or wait until mid-October. Of course, I took the first appointment available because now I know there is something worth investigating and I’m not going mad, this piratical look that I have had to adopt on occasion is becoming infuriating!

Fortunately (?), my mind has been a little distracted lately by yet another/different problem.  For the last few weeks I have been getting a stabbing pain in the top of my left foot and this can occur both when I’m standing up and when I’m lying down. I’ve been trying to use multiple layers of tubigrip, but this hasn’t really been helping and so I finally rang my MS nurse and tried to explain the problem as best I could (now feeling that I really  had gone mad). Much to my surprise the nurse managed to speak to my neurologist, who confirmed that this may be a symptom of MS and simply required a steroid injection into my foot. His secretary will send me  an appointment at his clinic next week!!

Hooray,  so now I should be able to go away on holiday at the end of August with foot sorted, but wonky eyes!  Hopefully, one thing sorted at least and I will enjoy my holiday.