Snow & Igloos …

At the end of my last post, I left you with the tantalising prospect of forthcoming bad weather – SNOW. We went to bed after a light, fluttering of snowflakes, but still enough to settle.

Night time after slight flurry of snow

So we went to our warm, cosy bed with the possibility that we may awake to some snow … And the weather didn’t disappoint!

View from our bedroom window (upwards) upon waking up


View of our garden upon coming downstairs
All snow, so down tools.
Unfortunately, no work today!


Well, unsurprisingly it was not going to be a work day and with the weekend to come, perhaps it might have started melting before more work could commence.

So what could one possibly do? … I know, it’s time to start thinking about building an igloo – and here to our rescue came our neighbours from the house behind (and we just happened to have a lovely, big window from which to view their efforts). How best to build an igloo? Now we don’t have ice from which to cut nice building blocks, just lots of mouldable snow. Trial 1: Let’s just free form a wall by pulling all the snow together – No, that is never going to work when it comes to building a high wall, let alone forming some sort of roof. Wait for inspiration … Out comes an old rectangular, recycling box into which we can pack the snow down to form ‘snow bricks’ – Yeah got it, that’s working really well !! And so the walls slowly begin to rise.

Voila – a completed two-person igloo
Fun in the snow courtesy of our ‘back door neighbours’


Yes, just about room for two people


Well that was fun! In the meantime, Kevin has started the practical snow moving by first clearing the pathway leading to our front door and then clearing the pavement and adjacent road to our driveway, so that he can at least get the car out and facing in the right direction.

Guess which is our house: Pavement & turning circle – cleared
Pathway to front door – cleared